Dental Appearance Issues That Veneers Can Fix

Veneers are one of the most popular types of cosmetic dentistry procedures and for good reason. They can effectively fix a wide variety of issues with the tooth’s appearance and provide long-term improvements. 

But if you’re interested in veneers, you might wonder if they can address your specific dental appearance issues. Keep reading to find out.

How Do Veneers Work?

Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain (or composite resin) that gets bonded to the surface of the natural tooth. A dentist must shave a small amount of tooth enamel to create a rough texture, which will allow the veneer to stick to the tooth and offer a stable cosmetic change.

In a way, veneers are new "faces" for your teeth. Unlike dental crowns, they don’t completely cover the tooth, so it’s very important to maintain good oral hygiene with daily brushing and flossing.

Cosmetic Issues You Can Fix with Veneers

Veneers can successfully address the following dental appearance issues: 

  • Severe staining and discoloration: If teeth whitening treatments don’t work, porcelain veneers can successfully improve the color of your smile.
  • Misshapen or irregularly sized teeth: Since veneers cover natural teeth, you can mask any issues regarding their size and shape, achieving a perfectly even smile.
  • Gaps between teeth: Veneers can be used to create bigger-looking teeth and fill gaps. 
  • Minor chips and cracks: If the damage is small, veneers can help strengthen a tooth after it’s chipped or cracked and improve its appearance.
  • Small alignment issues: Minor alignment issues can also be successfully masked with veneers. This is done only if the misalignment itself doesn’t affect the bite or other teeth.

What Veneers Can't Fix 

The best way to know for sure if veneers are the right solution for you is to see Dr. Natchimuthu for an appointment. Though veneers are a versatile cosmetic treatment, they cannot fix everything.

  • Tooth decay or other oral health issues: Veneers can’t be used to cover a cavity or other dental issues that may have a functional effect. In fact, to get veneers, you need to have generally healthy teeth. Patients will first need to get appropriate treatment for their oral health issues before they can receive veneers. 
  • Missing teeth: Veneers are bonded to a natural tooth, so they are not a good solution for patients with missing teeth.
  • Overcrowded teeth: Veneers are not a good solution for a crowded smile. Instead, patients are better off with orthodontic treatments.

Find Out If Veneers Are Right for You 

Dr. Navaneetha Brindha Natchimuthu is here to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted, whether it’s through veneers or another cosmetic intervention that might better serve your specific needs.

Find out if you’re a good candidate for veneers by scheduling a consultation at West Allen Dental online and stopping by for a cosmetic assessment. 

For more information, call us at (469) 242-9500 today!

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